It has been noted (gratifyingly) that this blog achieved ignition and lifted from the pad in September, returned in October and then disappeared. (First to complain about ‘content starvation’ was the Inevitable Mort Hochstein, representing the national Hocky League.) OK, here’s the story: those two entries were filed accidentally because technology and I get along like tectonic plates. (I sometimes feel like a cuneiform scribe meeting his first pencil.) I thought I was filing them as drafts, awaiting photos and a final polish, but pressed/clicked on the wrong button. Then I hoped to launch in December but was delayed into January by a misguided attempt to make a buck.The Author at work

Now in recovery (or denial), your correspondent intends to file more frequently in the future and may even succeed in doing so. Take heed: this is a wine-and-spirits blog, but other subjects will litter its mirror-like surface from time to time: food, travel, books, language, whatever takes me. There’s no money in this, so I feel free to do as I please and will be pleased if that pleases any of you.–Bill