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Capsule History

Speaking of useless appendages—we were, weren’t we?—one that I love to hate is the capsule. It’s al-ways in the way, Thirsty Reader. It’s useless. It’s not even a reliable guide because so many producers use white or silver on their red wine as well as white, while others use green or blue for everything. I […]

Valentine Wines: When Beauty Whispers Low Thou Must the Youth Replies I Can

“In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love” may be Tennyson’s most famous line, but his timing is suspect. For one thing, the British poet laureate came late to pitching woo, be-ing a ripe 27 before making cow eyes at his beloved and 41(!) by the time he married her. […]

Super Bowl Wine

Lucky you, Thirsty Reader: this is the last day for an entire year that you’ll be threatened with an-other What Wine for the Super Bowl? article. There have been dozens already published this sea-son alone, and I encourage you to ignore all of them. Some are clearly written out of desperation (those will be the […]

Wine on Screen—and Off

The recent Golden Globes ceremony was the dullest in years, especially for an event that has preened itself as being so much unbuttoned fun as compared to the staid, stolid and stuffy Oscars. Some people blamed the evening’s tedium on the spew of bath-room vulgarities His Smugness Ricky Gervais mis-took for wit. No doubt they […]