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Stained by Zin

Until the creation of some really stylish stain-colored clothing, wine-lovers everywhere will continue their quest for that Grail-like wonder, the stain-remover that really works. I’m happy to report, Thirsty Reader, that I have found one. (Truth be told, it found me. The stuff just turned up in the mail one day; I didn’t even have […]

Pizza and Pretension

The life of a Wine Scribbler is naught but cakes and ale, thinks Thirsty Reader. High living, clichés in-cluded: impeccable service, glorious wines, charming decor, succulent* food. Dream on, Thirsty Reader. Envious Thirsty Reader. It isn’t ever thus. For example, recently some innocent Rhone wine-makers threw what we in the trade like to call an […]

Eat In, Take Out, Go Kosher

My neighbor Manny Frego, who is salty of speech and wise in his ways, and who was once chief cantor of the ghetto of Rome, gives as his opinion that ‘If it weren’t for carciofi alla giudia no one would know a damned thing about Italian Jews or Italian Jewish cooking or Italian kosher wine’. […]

Good Guys, No. 2

I’ve always admired wine people for managing to do good without being do-gooders, for which reason, Thirsty Reader, your correspondent will recognize them here from time to time. Such acknowledgment is not to be construed as beatification nor is neglect anything more than ill-chance—the doings, if you will, of the Murphya, that mysterious organization whose […]