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Loathercon 2014: Bad Gifts for the Drinking Class

LoatherCon, our annual festival of cringe-making gifts for the drinking class, convened once again at Parade’s End, corner of Lois Lane and Della Street, for the customary mockery and merriment. And for lagniappe we even came up with some good gifts. ¶ For example, making ice balls no longer requires Williams-Sonoma’s $1100 appliance now that […]

A Holiday Garland

To one and all although time be fleeting, To you each bring I this Christmas greeting: Of drinkers books I proffer a bevy, Some light as air are, yet others heavy. These holiday burdens that freight my shelves Lie heaped by eager squads of vinous elves. Come, ease you my bookcase’s weary groan By transferring […]

Blow the Flutes—and Free the Bubbles

  About two years ago I was at Del Posto for a dinner and champagne-tasting given by top chien Ghislain de Montgolfier, who is Président du Conseil de Surveillance de Champagne Bollinger, Président de l’Union des Maisons de Champagne et co-Président du CIVC. And descended, if that’s the word, from the 18th Century balloonists who […]