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Books Do Furnish a Room

. . . and minds, too—but in declining numbers these days. Anecdotal evidence comes from the housing market. Real-estate agents and ‘stagers’—the people who dress up empty houses so they look lived-in and buyable—think books are dowdy and old-fashioned. Bookshelves are always small; they display mostly arty knickknacks and tchotchkes, with maybe a few books […]

Derby Day, Bourbon Barrels and Woodford Reserve

It’s Derby Day Saturday, Kentucky’s National Holiday, which involves many ponies and enough mint juleps to drive you to drink. Want a recipe? You could look it up, as Casey Stengel used to say. The April 2010 post Talk Derby to Me has recipes given to me by some distilling luminaries: Chris Morris of Woodford […]

Any Day’s a Great Day for Irish

With Irish available and delectable in three styles–as straight whiskey, in cream liqueurs and in honey liqueurs–there’ll be recipes for each herein, and I’ll set the record straight on Irish Coffee. There’ll be a recipe for that, too. And you’ll find more notes on things for wine-lovers plus Poured With Pleasure.”